Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Carrol Boyes?
Carrol Boyes is an innovative South African artist who is the creative designer and owner of the business. She has been producing high-quality tableware and home accessories since 1989.

Where are you situated?
Our Head Office is situated at Stassinou 1,Engomi, 2404 Nicosia, Cyprus

Which materials do you use?
Our products are manufactured in pewter, stainless steel, chrome, spun and cast aluminium, wood, leather, and ABS resin.

Pewter and silver – I can’t tell the difference!
They both have a smooth silvery finish, but pewter is actually a soft alloy comprising tin, antimony and trace elements of copper. Silver is a naturally occurring non-ferrous metal that is mostly used in its alloy sterling form.

I dislike washing up! Which products are dishwasher safe?
Our stainless steel range has been specifically introduced for the busy house person. It is lightweight, but strong, non-corrosive, and easy to clean.

Where can I get a catalogue?
Catalogues are available from official retailers, dedicated stores and agents. For more information regarding our local store and approved reseller please view our Contact Us Page.