Product Care

If the products have become dull, slightly scratched, or have been put in the dishwasher, there are a number of ways to restore your Carrol Boyes product to its former shine.

Our Head Office in Nicosia, Cyprus can assist you with any assistance you may require regarding the restoration of your products. Repolishing your Carrol Boyes piece will make it look almost as good as the day you purchased it.

Do you offer a repolishing service and how much does this service cost?
Yes, we do. Our current repolishing charge per item is nominal. Please note that our repolishing cost does not include courier or transportation costs.

Where do I need to take my Carrol Boyes item for repolishing and what is the payment process?
Items can be handed in and the service paid for at your nearest Carrol Boyes dedicated store or official retailer.

Do you repolish non – Carrol Boyes products?
Carrol Boyes will only repolish products which bear the original Carrol Boyes manufacturing stamp of quality.

I don’t live near a Carrol Boyes store or stockist – what should I do?
You are of course more than welcome to send your item to us directly for repolishing. Please mark it clearly as follows:

Carrol Boyes Repolishing
Stassinou 1
2404 Nicosia

Please send us an email to advise us of the items you will be sending for repolishing to [email protected].

What do I do if I am based in another country?
a) You can use any metal polish, preferably in a cream form, apply and rub vigorously until the shine returns. This may need extensive rubbing if the products have been tarnished by dishwasher detergents. We also sell Carrol Boyes pewter cream and aluminium paste in all our stores.
b) Take your products to your local jeweller and ask them to shine them up with a jewellers’ rouge. Alternatively, if you know of a company that polishes metal work – they may be prepared to polish your products for you.

Please note that inherent flaws, such as deep scratches and dents in the item/s, which are not currently visible, may become apparent after repolishing.

Repolishing does not include re-powder coating.