Where are our products made?


The Pewter range is the largest and oldest range in our collection and includes clocks, cutlery, bowls with pewter feet, photo frames, mezuzahs, candle sticks, etc. Our pewter items are either made at our factory in Limpopo Province, South Africa, or in Cape Town, where many pieces are cast, ground, filed and polished, then sent to the assembly department for attachment to larger items such as champagne coolers and platters. Pewter cutlery is cast at our distribution centre in Paarden Eiland in Cape Town. The grinding, filing and polishing of these items are also completed at Paarden Eiland where they are then distributed to retail outlets. The components, such as blades, are made in the Limpopo factory or imported from Japan or the UK to ensure that we use only the finest quality stainless steel in our cutlery.


Some cast aluminium products are manufactured in our foundry in Limpopo and some at specially hand-picked factories in India. All spun aluminium products are manufactured in our Limpopo factory in South Africa. They are then assembled either at the Limpopo factory or in Cape Town where they receive a final polish and quality control. Additional components, such as clock mechanisms, are imported from Germany.

Pressed Stainless Steel

The majority of our stainless steel cutlery and serveware is manufactured at the factory in Limpopo. The processes are only semi automated with most of the finishing being done by hand. Only where we do not have the necessary expertise or equipment do we have our products manufactured overseas, such as Vietnam or China. This is in order to keep up with the latest technology and to offer our customers the best in cutting edge design. We research all factories first to ensure that best practices are in place.

Laser Cut Stainless Steel

All laser cut stainless steel items are made in collaboration with South African laser cutting factories. They are polished and then assembled at our factory in Limpopo.

Ceramics and Glassware

The Curve range of stoneware ceramics is produced at a factory in Cape Town, South Africa. Other ceramic ranges are designed by Carrol and produced in a top quality factory in Indonesia. The factory also produces ranges for retail chains in the UK such as John Lewis Stores and William Sonoma in the US. Our ceramic items are hand touched and exclusive to our brand. The reason for using factories in other countries is to achieve certain design elements for which we do not have the expertise in South Africa.

Zinc with Chrome Plating

These items are made to our design specifications in China and with a partner factory in Somerset West in Cape Town.


Most of our jewellery is made in our factory in Paarden Eiland and in conjunction with other laser cutting factories in Cape Town. The silver range is produced using a special technique which we are unable to do in South Africa and therefore we work with a company in Thailand.


Our leather items are crafted from the finest bovine leather and made in a factory in Cape Town using eco friendly processes. The pewter add-ons and trimmings are cast at our facility in Paarden Eiland, Cape Town. This premium grade leather can be seen to bear the marks and scratches from the African bush and remain true to the animals’ heritage.